Controlled Environments

aes-walk-in-room-systemsEnvironmental walk in rooms are scientific and industrial applications that provide controlled environment for various complex scientific processes. Walk in rooms come is different sizes, with standard and custom specifications for the precise control of temperature and humidity controlled rooms.

Techno Station presents feature packed walk-in rooms by Associated Environmental Systems (AES) – a leader in providing a range of prefabricated, tight-tolerance environmental walk-in rooms that are easy to ship and install anywhere around the globe.

AES walk-in room systems operate continuously in cooling mode, provide a hot gas by-pass system to automate capacity reduction when the room is at the set point temperature, are constructed with high quality components including: liquid line solenoids, liquid sight glass, dryers, strainers, and TX valves, contain Copeland semihermetic (or equal) compressors, contain Penn (or equal) controls, comply with ASHRAE guidelines for piping and rating, are factory-assembled and tested, are simple to maintain because components are easily accessible and clearly labeled.

Walk-in rooms are made of prefabricated metal tongue and groove sectional panels. Each assembled room has continuous steel perimeters to hold panels tightly in place.

Walk-in rooms include air circulation, lighting and viewing arrangements. The combination of airflow, instrument response, and fast-reacting heaters provides very accurate and straight line control of temperatures.

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