Handheld Globull

bull-globullEncrypted hard drive products are not new but encrypted data carrying devices are yet not very common. Lately, Bull Information Systems has unveiled a portable device designed Globull to carry data, and even a self-contained work environment, while on the move. Bull’s 60GB digital vault with built-in AES encryption will be available from next month. Globull will be on display at the InfoSecurity Europe 2009 exhibition in London from April 28 to 30, 2009. Globull is about the size of a PDA and features a small touch-screen display for user authentication. It contains a 60GB hard drive protected by a built-in security chip developed by Bull, which provides 256-bit AES encryption.

Globull enables users to access files by connecting it to the USB port of any Windows or Linux computer. It also supports a client virtualization environment in a protected partition of the disk, allowing workers to access a complete self-contained work environment, according to Bull.

Globull’s touch-screen interface avoids the need to type an access Pin into a computer in order to authenticate the user, so it cannot be intercepted by any lurking malware. The built-in security chip also offloads all encryption processing from the host computer. Centralized administration tools enable large numbers of Globull devices to be configured and tracked.

Here under an inside view of  Globull:bull-globull-inside

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