Photonic’s Industrial Laser Modules

laser-moduleLaser has added industrial processes since they came into service. Photonic – a leading laser products’ manufacturer – is now offering the best (and the toughest) industrial laser that can withstand any industry conditions.

Photonic’s new laser modules are encapsulated in an anodized case with a scratch resistant sapphire window to protect the lens and offer rugged, durable performance at an extremely affordable cost. They are designed and built for ease of use in tough industrial environments: any time the laser needs to be changed, the industrial connectors; either 2.5mm DC jack or industrial screw-on, easy to install and replace, and their compact size allows for even easier integration into existing production systems.

Photonic Products’ collection of industrial laser diode modules is designed to be a complete OEM laser solution for heavy duty industrial manufacturing processes such as micro-machining, marking, cutting, drilling, welding, forming, soldering and many other industrial laser uses where superior quality, durability and performance are critical.

The industrial laser modules are available in different wavelengths from 635nm to 830nm with either a standard elliptical output beam or line or cross generating optics. Line generating optics generate a 45, 60, or 90 degrees full fan angle line, cross generating optics generate an accurate 70 degrees full angle cross with Gaussian intensity, both of which offer straight line precision without bowing.

With optical output powers from 0.95mW to 30mW, operating voltage of 5V DC regulated ± 10% and operating temperature from -10°C to +50°C, the modules are static, surge and everse polarity protected. These modules are expected to make industrial processes much efficient.

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